Hello! It's great to meet you!

My name is Mathew Wain 

and to be honest I'm a

normal, friendly guy, working

hard to keep my dream alive. ​

Being a freelancer is fantastic

and I'm lucky enough to live

and operate from my home

in North-East England. 

I am proud to be a published

Typographer, Illustrator and an 

Award-Winning Graphic Designer.

I have difficulty writing about myself and I struggle to find the appropriate wording but, HERE GOES. Hopefully you'll get the gisty gistingtons.  

I'll start by saying I want my work to speak for itself and that I aim for it to leave a lasting impression. 

After graduating from Teesside University I I was racked with nerves but I had an obsession to fulfil. I attended numerous interviews and I was prepared. My hopes were high. However, it was the same rejection each time - "We like you, your work and your personality - you just lack work experience". At the time, I wasn't sure how I could attain work experience if no company was willing to hire me. I offered to work for free in order to gain this valuable experience which many young designers so desperately need, but again no company would entertain. 

Throwing caution to the wind and taking 3 tablespoons of ambition, I embarked on my solo venture.

I'm infatuated with design and it's been rooted from the start. From pencils and crayons to constructing Hot Wheels garages out of old shoe boxes. I practice my craft each and everyday without fail. Scribbles on a napkin or brush to canvas. It all adds up and counts towards something. I knew I could make this work. I've always believed in my art - granted there are times you feel you're going backwards but that's the same in anything isn't it? Family has always been very important to me and I'm really thankful I was raised under the notion of believing I could be anything I wanted to be. 

Even though I can be overwhelmingly self-critical of my work, I know that this is essential in order to grow. 

I don't believe in being content. For me it's all about evolving and changing perspectives to be the best I can be. My mind is a constant state of play - I want to adapt, problem solve and most importantly I always want to learn. I hope to be the go-to guy for all brands, large and small, established and start-up. Work with me, give me an opportunity and throw me a challenge.​ I can do it.​

Rather than overload my website with the same work you've most likely seen on my Instagram page, I've selected some pieces that I think best show what I'm all about.