I've always struggled to pick up the skill of drawing portraits, but the minimalist style I have come to acquire really clicks and I thrive on the practice in order to master the art. I am always working between projects trying to find my stride with the right techniques to get the best results - I am loving the progress. 

I am often commissioned to produce strikingly bold illustrations that are used primarily on clothing as this style is rocketing within the streetwear culture. I've received a great amount of interest in my practice pieces and I am currently working towards accumulating a selection worthy of a book release.

I know! Releasing a book would be a dream come true right?! But I'm a way off that yet. Although I didn't think I'd ever get this far on my own in the design industry so I'll never say never. Who knows what's round the corner. I hope it's a new opportunity or the chance to exhibit my work. That would be class.

I L L E S S O              D E S I G N