Within the last six months I have made the transition from pencil and paper to using the latest digital creation tools. More specifically the iPad Pro 12.9". I use ProCreate App to do the majority of my sketching and it gives me the freedom to work more efficiently. I am able to record my process, save multiple development sketches and document my progression with ease. Once I am satisfied with my concept I transfer the file over to Adobe Illustrator. That's where the fun continues. 

I feel that my attitude and demeanour towards the beauty of design and typography has dramatically changed over the last five years. It's evident that as a designer I have a standard to maintain and through years of industry experience I am able to deliver the clients requirements and expectations to precisely that level. I have a sought after style that I am proud of and that's made me see things differently and in a whole new light. It's not all about the design looking cool or pretty. It's about purpose, functionality, versatility, aesthetic, compatibility, contrast and demographic - to name a few. There is a story behind every design I create and my job is to say it all without explanation. 

Hand Lettering & Typography

I L L E S S O              D E S I G N

A change in tools of the trade

But still the same minimalist set-up. I need to have a clean and uncluttered workspace to get the best results. I'd say my time is split 50/50 between iPad and MacBook so when the other isn't in use I can put it to the side and focus on the task in hand. It would be nice to have a kettle (or beer fridge) in the studio but if that was the case then I don't think i'd leave. Time away from the screen is an absolute must for me too. I can quite easily get agitated if i'm off my game. ADVICE 101 - Take a break - it helps!

My love for lettering evolved from my interest in graffiti art. That's where I began all those years ago. I was hooked on creating outlandish letter forms with a clean finish. Since then i've really found my stride and established the "Illesso style". 

I still have a mountain to learn, styles to experience and techniques to master. I find it amazing how much you can adapt from day to day, that you can inspire and motivate yourself with something as simple as a few letters. I just can't get enough of ideas, concepts, sketching, thinking, creating - the whole process is incredible.

As you can see from examples work I don't like to just be a one trick pony. I like to experiment with different lettering styles, find new ways of combining shape and working tirelessly to maintain balance and weight are in perfect harmony.

Please scroll through a choice selection of my work below.