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I am an award-winning Graphic Designer, with speciality in typography and illustration. ​I live and operate out of a small town in County Durham, North-east England.

I have difficulty writing about myself and I tend to veer off on multiple tangents - but, HERE GOES. Hopefully, you'll get the gisty gistingtons. ​

Each interview I attended after graduating from University provided good preparation for the next. However, it was the same rejection each time - "We like you, your work and your personality - you just lack work experience". At the time, I wasn't sure how I could attain work experience if no company was willing to hire me. I offered to work for free in order to gain this valuable experience in which many young designers so desperately need, but again no company would entertain. 

That's when I embarked on this fantastic solo venture.

Illesso Design began in 2015, with the simple aim of pursuing my passion. I live by design. For as long as I can remember, my life has been to create. From pencils and crayons to constructing Hot Wheels garages out of old shoe boxes. I practice my craft each and everyday without fail. Scribbles on a napkin or brush to canvas. It all adds up and counts towards something. I knew I could make this work. I've always believed in my craft - I was raised under the notion of believing I could be anything I wanted to be.

Even though I can be overwhelmingly self-critical of my work, I know that this is essential in order to grow. 

I don't believe in being content, it's all about evolving and changing perspectives in order to separate from the norm. My mind is a constant state of play - I want to adapt, problem solve and most importantly I always want to learn. I hope to be the centre-point, the go-to guy for all brands, large or small, established or start-up. Work with me, give me an opportunity and throw me a challenge.​

​I can do it.​

I have tried to showcase a variety of my work and not focus on overloading my site. I want to let my design speak for itself and leave a lasting impression. However if you 

would like to see more of my work then please visit my Instagram page where I aim to

​upload daily. @ILLESSO_